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Japanese Big on Style for Dogs


I recently returned from Japan - my old stomping grounds. Now I haven't been to France lately so can't say, but I would definitely rank the dogs of Japan as amongst the best dressed! Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi and Burberry dog accessories and apparel were in evidence everywhere!

It wasn't always like that. When I was growing up in Japan, dogs were guard dogs and lived in the dog house just at the entrance to the family home. I remember our first dog. Dad brought him home from the country as a pup. Tooziek was a black dog, had a curly tail, pointy ears and a great disposition. All us kids loved him dearly. He was always part of our adventures!

Unlike today's well dressed and pampered dog, there were no dog clothes then. A good leather collar and a leash to match meant you and your dog were stepping out in style. A shiny coat meant that the dog was well cared for - fed properly and brushed! A sturdy dog house provided shelter from the cold, the heat and the rain. Of course mom made sure that Tooziek's floor was always lined with a soft and dry bed to sleep on. Between meals there was always a bowl of fresh water.

Affluence and changing lifestyles go hand in hand and obviously this goes not only for people but for pet parents and their dogs as well. The basics are always there. Ensure that your dog is always well cared for ... and if you can add a bit of fashion and flare, well why not?

About the Author

Valentina Bellicova is a world traveller, an author and a public speaker. An ardent student of life her observation is that each human is bettered for having had a dog in their life. Visit her online dog emporium at


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