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Knockoff Nation


Genuine Article: Keira Knightley's Vera Wang Oscar gown Retail Price:


Next best thing:

Your pick of celebrities' couture outfits. L.A. fashionista Allen B. Schwartz has made a good business out of copying high-priced gala dresses and marketing them to the masses at cut-rate prices. While Keira's silk-sewn Oscar duds fetched nearly $8,000 at an Oxfam auction, you can get the rayon equivalent for around $300--and still feel like a somebody! Conscientious Schwartz has tailored the dresses for us normal people, so you won't even need to diet.


As long as Schwartz doesn't try to pass it off as a real Vera Wang, he's in the clear.

How to get it:

These fine threads are available in department stores, or on

Genuine Article: iPod Shuffle or Nano Retail Price:


Next best thing:

A Shuffle or Nano so cunningly counterfeited that Apple has warned its own affiliates about the fakes. And if the knockoff music players can fool retailers, chances are your co-workers and the muggers in the subway won't be able to tell the difference, either! The phony iPods come without dock connectors, have irregular headphone jacks, and are packaged in boxes stamped with the words "digital music player," unlike real Apple products.


You'll have a hell of a time explaining to your cellmate what you're in for.

How to get it:

Since Apple HQ raised the alarm in March, most of the counterfeits have probably been pushed out of the stores, so check eBay.

Genuine Article: A bottle of that raved-about 1995 Bolgheri Sassicaia Retail Price:


Next best thing:

A counterfeit so artfully done even Sassicaia's vintner, the Marquis Nicolo Incisa della Rochetta, admits it's a flawless wine. Forgers assembled identical bottles, complete with seals and detailed labels, and filled them with a Cabernet-Montepulciano d'Abruzzo blend that perfectly mimicked the original's bouquet. Insiders in the Italian wine industry were recently busted with 20,000 bottles of the stuff, which they had been selling for $100 a bottle. Many other top-shelf wines, including Penfolds Grange and Chateau Mouton Rothschild, have been the targets of counterfeiters, who often simply slap fake French or Australian labels on Chinese wine and sell them for list price (in some cases, up to $3,000 a bottle). The Chinese versions might be a little iffy, but if you can get your hands on a bottle of fake Sassicaia, you can tickle your taste buds without emptying your wallet.


This wine is definitely not kosher.

How to get it:

Go to Tuscany and look for a guy selling them out of a red Fiat hatchback.

Genuine Article: Rolex Yachtmaster Retail Price:


Next best thing:

Exact replicas of watches by Rolex, Cartier, Bvlgari, Jacob & Co., Mont Blanc, TAG Heuer, Panerai, Breitling ... you name it,'s got it. Order from this Thai website and get your knockoff within a week, safely packed away inside a beat-up PC hard drive. Buy a Rolex, and fashionhause will even throw in a Rolex certification, just in case some snoop doubts the authenticity of your tantalizing new ticker. Not that anyone will; these counterfeits are lovingly crafted with real gold plating and precision parts--even the anti-counterfeit features of the original watches. The replicas aren't cheap (most cost just under $200) but when you consider the fact that real Rolexes can run you upwards of $30,000 it's a steal.


Let's just say these knockoffs are shipped clandestinely for a reason.

How to get it:

Genuine Article: Kalashnikov assault rifle Retail Price:

$240 and up

Next best thing:

An SA M-7, a more expensive American-made imitation of the AK. Although at least 14 countries are known to produce imitations of the infamous Kalashnikov, one--Bulgaria--has done it well enough to be singled out by the Russian government. A Bulgarian manufacturer, Arsenal, has apparently been operating under a long-defunct Cold War treaty that allows it to produce the weapons for the nation's military, and the company now brazenly exports the unlicensed AKs, despite Russian protests. Meanwhile, since 2000 an American sister company (technically unaffiliated), Arsenal, Inc., has been producing semiautomatic Kalashnikov lookalikes with the same "old-world craftsmanship." Of course, this legal version, which retails for $1,250, spits out only 40 rounds per minute as opposed to the original's 600 rounds.


Depends. Since the U.S. Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired in 2004, state laws are the only things standing between you and a blaze of glory. Like most things, M-7s are legal in Vegas, which is probably why they're manufactured there.

How to get it:

Genuine Article: Chanel handbag Retail Price:


Next best thing:

A Chinese knockoff. Remember, not all counterfeit handbags have to be shoddy; some forgers take great pride in using quality materials. Besides knocking off Chanel--decent replicas of which cost between $160 and $320--the good people at also blatantly ape Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Fendi, using real calf- and cowhide with quality stitching. They ship worldwide, and, most important, "understand how frustrating customs hold ups can be and the financial strain of seizure."


Fake logos make these handbags quite illegal in countries, like the U.S., that uphold copyright laws.

How to get it:

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