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Designer Luggage or Not

from: Jerry Cahill

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Designer Luggage or Not   by Jerry Cahill

Luggage can be one bag or a couple of bags which accompany a traveler. It can range from a huge trunk to the ubiquitous suitcases. Small leather or artificial leather bags which can be carried in hand are popular as well. Nowadays, luggage do not mean a drab grey suitcase. There are any number of quality designer luggage that are very popular. They are used by the jet setting crowd regularly and new variations or models are introduced each season.

Louis Vuitton has exquisite collection of real leather luggage. The product range is for both men and women. The garment bag, the excursion bag, garment cover, carryall are some of their products. All the bags are standardized in terms of quality. The carryall bag is really multipurpose and they are roomy. This is helpful when the packer has a lot of things to carry. The excursion bag has a special design that is suitable to carry shoes. The elegance of this bag is a delight. Men have really good luggage from Louis Vuitton. Ivan is a helpful addition to the list of men's luggage. The bag is quite large and spacious. There are many flaps which helping keepings things in order. They are made with special attention to details. The price range is within the reach of many. The men's shoe bag is also a delight. The owner of a baseball bag from Louis Vuitton can be object of envy for many. The bag is designed to be a mini locker and if the inside compartments are folded it becomes a traveling bag. The luggage of Louis Vuitton are retailed from their stores all over the world.

Lacoste has a large collection of designer high quality luggage. Their carry-on bag and roller suitcase is very convenient for travelers. The luggage has enough space and that gives the packer the choice to pack all he or she needs in one suitcase instead of carrying more than one suitcase or bag as the case may be. The bags and suitcases are eye catching with lots of details on the look of the luggage. The durability of these cases is another added advantage. This makes them highly economical.

The customer is spoilt for choice when it comes to designer luggage. Pierre Cardin, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Diane von Furstenberg are all established names in designer luggage. The bags and cases are spacious, of high quality, durable and they come in many colours. They price tag is of course steep, but not out of reach for many.

About the Author

Author Jerry Cahill is a webmaster and publisher. He uses media to provide useful information for all. See more at Luggage Information


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